Guest Gallery

  • IOS Sezz

    Zilliah, white skinThe body has the white skin color but still the old IOS 70 cm Body. The body is about 5 cm higher than today's IOS 70 cm body.  

  • IOS Hiro

    Hisaishi is a hybrid.  He has the ISO Hiro head, old white skin color, and a Spiritdoll Proudline, white skin color, body.  

  • IOS Blue

    LexHe’s my IoS Blue, I have him since 2016. He is my grail doll and my favorite   

  • Dr Strange in a fog. [1]

    Flickr : aernath 

  • IOS Mezz & Hiro

    My first two guys from IOS.Both have the old IOS 70cm body and old skin color, white and normal.Face Up Mezz & Hiro: Evies SanctumI love her like the first day <3 

  • Hybrid:Mazarine Blue D

    My Marian <3The skin color, white skin, of Mazarine Blue Doll matches very well with IOS, white skin color.The head and the body harmonize very well with the proportions.For me a perfect combination!Mazarine Blue Doll: Laoon Head, wsBody: IOS 70cm, ws Outfit:  made by me  Face Up: Katarzyna    

  • IOS Class 60 I

    He was made to look like Levi from Attack on Titan. His face up is temporary, as well as his wig. I'm currently waiting on a custom wig to be made for him. 

  • IOS Lacrimosa and Infe

    My IOS Lacrimosa and Infernale. I painted them to look like the same person, so they can have different rmStringexpressions :) I enjoy telling stories through my photography, so I wanted my Infernale to have another head with a closed mouth! I think the Lacrimosa and Infernale look very similar and after the faceup, they really look silimar! They are both so handsome! I love them! Thank you IOS for making such wonderful dolls <3