Guest Gallery

  • IOS Blue

    Blue has been on my wishlist for a very long time.A couple of months ago I was able to buy one 2nd-hand.The original box and packaging protects the doll during transit very well.The doll itself is a great poser and you can see and feel that IOS dolls are high quality dolls.I am very satisfied with my IOS Blue and can't wait to add more IOS dolls to my collection.sculpt: IOS Bluebody: IOS Class70 bodyskin tone: normal skinface up: Luna Mikkelsen

  • IOS Infernale

    This doll is HUGE! 80cm in total with a big heavy body and super long legs, but he poses so well!You can choose 2 types of tongues for Infernale which stick in his mouth by a small magnet.Due to his size, he's easy to paint, but it's kinda tricky to find fitting clothes for him.If you can sew, then you're lucky, otherwise you need to commission a seamstress (at least for pants cause his legs are so long!).He can wear stretchy tops for 70cm tall BJDs or shirts which also fit Iplehouse EID male dolls. :)I love this big vampire so much!sculpt: IOS Infernalebody: IOS Class80skin tone: white skinface up: Luna Mikkelsenclothes: Luna MikkelsenHere's my review video on Youtube *click me*

  • IOS Gin

    Shadow is a hybrid.IOS Gin Head, nsLuts SSDF Body, nsI like the bigger bodies, so for me a good combination.   

  • IOS 70cm Body for refe

    IOS 70cm body hand hookI like it when the BJD also have blushed hands. That's why I like this hand hook part very well.

  • IOS Anima & Asyd

    The boys are still in progress.I like to see pictures of the dolls without face up. Then I can better see the character :)

  • Hybride: IOS 80cm Body

    Head: Cats´s doll Tove, nsBody: IOS, 80cm, nsI think the IOS 80cm body fits very well with the bigger heads. Despite the small feet, I have no problems with the body. He always stands firm. It depends on the tension of the rubbers in the legs. Since he has no separate hip joint, he can not move much. But the body looks great when he wears crop-free clothing ;)Comparison

  • IOS Chaos

    Destiny is one of the Endless.  The endless ones are faceless because everyone sees them differently. Therefore no face up. 

  • IOS Lacrimosa

    My boy's name is TomSkin color ws i like very much even if she has a tender touch of pink.   

  • IOS Anamonia

    Amon likes to wear suits.Here's the one from IOS. Very high quality clothes.  

  • IOS Stille

    Belá have withe skin.I like this mold so much that I do not know how it should look like in the end. I would like to have this beautiful boy again :)  

  • IOS Osiris

    Duncan The body has the white skin color but still the old IOS 70 cm Body. The body is about 5 cm higher than today's IOS 70 cm body.  

  • Body Comparison

    from left to rightIOS Anima, white skinDemiurge Doll, Lel, normal skinWhispering Grass Thomas Head on Dollshe DSM 32s Body, fresh skinDollshe Arsene, fresh skinIOS Anarmonia, normal skinDemiurge Doll Ural, white skinIOS Blue, white skin