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  • The head is very big so I like it particularly well on the IOS 80cm body.

    I use a neck part because the neck insert from the head is very deep. The neck of the body a little too short to fit well without the neck part. I plan to extend the neck of the body with apoxi so I won't need a neck part.

    The skin color of the body is already faded. Therefore, the color match is not perfect. But Face Up will go very well together. I'll show pictures when it's done :)

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    Hybride: IOS 80cm Body 5점

  • He was made to look like Levi from Attack on Titan. His face up is temporary, as well as his wig. I'm currently waiting on a custom wig to be made for him.

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    IOS Class 60 I 5점

  • My Marian <3

    The skin color, white skin, of Mazarine Blue Doll matches very well with IOS, white skin color.

    The head and the body harmonize very well with the proportions.

    For me a perfect combination!

    Mazarine Blue Doll: Laoon Head, ws

    Body: IOS 70cm, ws

    Outfit:  made by me  

    Face Up: Katarzyna

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    Hybrid:Mazarine Blue D 5점

  • My first two guys from IOS.

    Both have the old IOS 70cm body and old skin color, white and normal.

    Face Up Mezz & Hiro: Evies Sanctum

    I love her like the first day <3

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    IOS Mezz & Hiro 5점


    This is my lovely Doll Leaves Jeremy, Clement, with Resinsoul jointed hands.

    I've absolutely loved him ever since he came in the mail, he’s so easy to pose and incredibly flexible.

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    Doll Leaves Clement 5점


    Flickr : aernath

    Dr Strange in a fog. 5점

  • Lex
    He’s my IoS Blue, I have him since 2016. He is my grail doll and my favorite

    IOS Blue 5점

  • Hisaishi is a hybrid.

     He has the ISO Hiro head, old white skin color, and a Spiritdoll Proudline, white skin color, body.

    IOS Hiro 5점

  • Zilliah, white skin

    The body has the white skin color but still the old IOS 70 cm Body. The body is about 5 cm higher than today's IOS 70 cm body.

    IOS Sezz 5점

  • from left to right

    IOS Anima, white skin

    Demiurge Doll, Lel, normal skin

    Whispering Grass Thomas Head on Dollshe DSM 32s Body, fresh skin

    Dollshe Arsene, fresh skin

    IOS Anarmonia, normal skin

    Demiurge Doll Ural, white skin

    IOS Blue, white skin

    Body Comparison 5점